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    Add pkg-config and bonobo-draw checks. Updated the reqs section. removed · 9853dbf5
    Mike Kestner authored
    2001-04-15  Mike Kestner <>
    	* : Add pkg-config and bonobo-draw checks.
    	* README : Updated the reqs section.
    	* src/ : removed the *object files from the build.
    	* src/e-s-v-toolbar.c : gutted. Essentially all this does now is add
    	the zoom control and the color combos, although those will most
    	likely be promoted since they must be shared by multiple views.
    	* src/e-s-v.c : Removed all the canvas event handling code that is
    	not directly related to the background. It now creates shape layers
    	to service the master and normal Shapes collections on the slide.
    	* src/slide-view-popup : This is temporarily disabled until the
    	carnage can be sorted out.
    	* src/slide.c : Now uses Shapes collection objects instead of keeping
    	a list of achobjects. Also did some serious signal surgery and cleaned
    	up a little funkiness in the slide addition, reordering, removal area.
    	* src/slideshow.c : Use new slide addition/removal/reorder logic
    	* src/window.c : Made bonobo header inclusion unconditional.
    svn path=/trunk/; revision=373