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      Update Friulian translation · 526cbbda
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      (cherry picked from commit a4a22610)
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      Bug 780275 - Problems with citation · 69aeaba5
      Tomas Popela authored
      There were several issues:
       * We have to have a special function for handling the problem described
         in the bug report due to quotation characters that are used in the
         plain text mode. In HTML mode everything is handled how it should be
         by WebKit and we only need to save the history. Several issues were
         fixed there.
       * I refactored the code so the history is saved outside the function
         that is fixing the previously mentioned issue as that function is
         only needed in the plain text mode (and that could leave the history
         not saved for the HTML mode).
       * A new code was added for correctly handling the situation where
         deleting a selection that starts in the quoted content (on the
         beginning of the block) and ends outside of the quoted content. This
         needs to be done only in plain text mode.
       * Several minor issues were fixed while doing undo and redo in the
         quoted content.
      To cover these issues I created new unit tests and extended the current
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