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      Cannot focus contact list editor's list name · 465cc498
      Milan Crha authored
      Then it's pretty hard to change that name, or even write anything to it.
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      Make it possible to change theme for text-highlight module · 74e097a9
      Milan Crha authored
      Since now, users can change theme being used by the text-highlight module,
      not being forced to use a hard-coded theme in the code. First of all,
      figure out which themes are installed. It's done with command:
         $ highlight --list-scripts=themes
      Pick one, say "editor-vim-dark" (supposing it's installed), and execute:
         $ gsettings set org.gnome.evolution.text-highlight theme edit-vim-dark
      And the next time the text-highlight will be called, like when changing the used
      format with right-click in the body->Format As->..., the changed theme will
      be used. In case the value being set in the GSettings is no longer valid,
      like when the theme is not available or had been uninstalled, there will be
      no formatting in the message content at all and evolution's console may
      contain an error message from highlight, like this one:
         highlight: cannot open themes/unknown.theme: No such file or directory
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      Change --module-dir for gtkdoc-fixxref call · 150bd8d2
      Milan Crha authored
      As pointed out in bug 784209, the --module-dir should be the 'html'
      directory, which wasn't a problem with 1.25, but git master of gtk-doc
      fails to find html files when it was set to the current directory.
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      Make it possible to debug filters on stdout · 9fa8f168
      Milan Crha authored
      Two changes being done:
      a) special value 'stdout', or an empty string, for 'filters-log-file'
         will make logging into stdout
      b) running with CAMEL_DEBUG=filters also turns on logging to stdout.
      The output file from GSettings has precedence over the stdout used
      by CAMEL_DEBUG, when both loggings are enabled. In other words, in case
      GSettings has enabled logging, then GSettings dictate which file is
      used for the log, otherwise GSettings values are ignored and stdout
      is used only when CAMEL_DEBUG logging is enabled.
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