1. 20 Dec, 2011 1 commit
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      Avoid passing EMailBackend as much as possible. · a9cfed59
      Matthew Barnes authored
      More mail API churn... reversing some previous API decisions.
      I've made some key API changes to EMailSession on the account-mgmt
      branch which should allow for this, and will hopefully also benefit
      the "email-factory" branch.
      EMailBackend barely needs to exist anymore, except as the owner of
      For several low-level functions, we replace its EMailBackend parameter
      with EMailSession and EAlertSink parameters; the latter so it can still
      pass user alerts up the chain.
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      Reorder accounts by drag-and-drop. · 7c0c40f8
      Matthew Barnes authored
      This implements https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=663527#c3.
      Account reordering is now done by drag-and-drop instead of up/down
      Turned out to be a wee bit more complicated than I initially thought.
      This scraps EAccountManager and EAccountTreeView and replaces them with
      new classes centered around EMailAccountStore, which EMailSession owns.
      EMailAccountStore is the model behind the account list in Preferences.
      The folder tree model now uses it to sort its own top-level rows using
      gtk_tree_path_compare().  It also broadcasts account operations through
      signals so we don't have to rely so heavily on EAccountList signals,
      since EAccountList is going away soon.
      Also as part of this work, the e-mail-local.h and e-mail-store.h APIs
      have been merged into EMailSession and MailFolderCache.
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      Miscellaneous cleanups. · f67a5f3d
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Reducing diff noise with the account-mgmt branch.
      Trying to erode our dependency on EAccount as much as possible, or at
      least isolate its usage, to make things easier for me on the branch.
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