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      Move the contact map widgets to addressbook/gui/widgets. · bed06d9e
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Move the supporting widgets for the contact maps feature alongside
      EABContactDisplay.  Removing them from libeutil helps isolate our usage
      of libchamplain so it's not imposed on the entire application, and even
      3rd party software.  That libchamplain is an optional dependency only
      further complicates the matter.
      Ideally I'd like to somehow isolate this feature in an extension module,
      but we currently lack sufficient hooks for such an extension.  So this
      arrangement will have to suffice for now.
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      Consolidate base utility libraries into libeutil. · d09d8de8
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Evolution consists of entirely too many small utility libraries, which
      increases linking and loading time, places a burden on higher layers of
      the application (e.g. modules) which has to remember to link to all the
      small in-tree utility libraries, and makes it difficult to generate API
      documentation for these utility libraries in one Gtk-Doc module.
      Merge the following utility libraries under the umbrella of libeutil,
      and enforce a single-include policy on libeutil so we can reorganize
      the files as desired without disrupting its pseudo-public API.
      This also merges libedataserverui from the Evolution-Data-Server module,
      since Evolution is its only consumer nowadays, and I'd like to make some
      improvements to those APIs without concern for backward-compatibility.
      And finally, start a Gtk-Doc module for libeutil.  It's going to be a
      project just getting all the symbols _listed_ much less _documented_.
      But the skeletal structure is in place and I'm off to a good start.
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