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      SpamAssassin: Try harder to kill spamd on exit. · 794bc489
      Matthew Barnes authored
      References to EMailSession are leaking like crazy, so the module's
      finalize() method never gets called, and we never kill our spamd.
      Until I can track down all the reference leaks, kill the spamd process
      in response to a "EShell::prepare-for-quit" signal instead of from the
      module's finalize() method.  (Maybe that's a better long-term solution
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      Convert junk filtering EPlugins to EExtensions. · 8dfd4278
      Matthew Barnes authored
      We now have a proper junk mail filtering API.  All junk filtering
      extensions must subclass EMailJunkFilter for user preferences and
      availability testing, and implement the CamelJunkFilter interface
      for the actual junk filtering and learning operations.
      The bogofilter module should be feature-equivalent to its former
      EPlugin.  The spamassassin module is far more complex.  It's nearly
      feature-equivalent to its former EPlugin, but I ditched the spamd
      respawning code since it seemed unnecessary for a mail client to
      have to deal with.  If there's a huge outcry from users about it
      I'll reluctantly put it back, but I don't expect one.
      This gets us a step closer to killing off EConfig, and eventually
      the EPlugin framework itself.
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