Commit d5d1b841 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes Committed by Rodrigo Moya
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Simplify em_utils_folder_is_sent().

e_mail_folder_uri_equal() uses e_mail_folder_uri_parse() to parse both
URIs, so we can just hand it an 'email://' URI directly.
parent a7b7c8e9
......@@ -1144,17 +1144,12 @@ em_utils_folder_is_sent (CamelFolder *folder)
EAccount *account;
/* XXX EIterator misuses const. */
account = (EAccount *)e_iterator_get (iterator);
if (account->sent_folder_uri) {
gchar *sent_uri;
account = (EAccount *) e_iterator_get (iterator);
sent_uri = em_uri_to_camel (
if (account->sent_folder_uri != NULL)
is_sent = e_mail_folder_uri_equal (
session, sent_uri, folder_uri);
g_free (sent_uri);
session, folder_uri,
e_iterator_next (iterator);
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