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<link type="guide" xref="mail-composer-mail-signatures" />
<revision pkgversion="3.12.9" version="0.3" date="2015-02-15" status="final"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.25.5" version="0.4" date="2017-07-16" status="final"/>
<credit type="author">
<name its:translate="no">Andre Klapper</name>
<email its:translate="no"></email>
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
<title>Managing signatures</title>
<p>You can add, edit and delete all your signatures under <guiseq><gui>Edit</gui><gui>Preferences</gui><gui>Composer preferences</gui><gui>Signatures</gui></guiseq>.</p>
<p>You can add, edit and delete all your signatures under <guiseq><gui>Edit</gui><gui>Preferences</gui><gui>Composer Preferences</gui><gui>Signatures</gui></guiseq>.</p>
<p>Assigning a default signature to an email account has to be done in the <link xref="mail-composer-mail-signatures-per-account">account settings</link>.</p>
<note style="tip"><p>Per <link href="">long-standing convention</link>, signatures always start with two dashes and a space in a separate line. This allows many email clients to automatically strip signatures from quotes when replying.</p></note>
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