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Remove outdated instructions for doc translators

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The translations for evolution-guide should be placed in
In this directory you'll find two scripts.
- -- Usage: ./ <LANG_CODE>
Takes the sgml files from the C directory and creates sgml.po files
in a directory called <LANG_CODE>.po
You should translate this files as you would any other .po file, but
you have to make sure you place all tags and don't miss anyone.
- -- Usage: ./ <LANG_CODE>
Takes the sgml files from the C directory, the sgml.po files from
the <LANG_CODE>.po directory and creates the translated sgml files
and places them on the <LANG_CODE> directory.
If a paragraph it is not translated the originial paragraph in
english is used instead (fuzzy paragraph are considered as
translated for the moment). Doing it this way you can make sure
you didn't miss any sgml tag on the .po files by compiling the
evolution guide.
Of course, translations can be done as usual translating the .sgml files
directly. But let me point out a few advantages of doing it this way.
* You can start translating the guide as soon as you want. Doesn't matter
if the original files changes. No more waiting for the docu to be called
* When a paragraph changes, it is marked as fuzzy, so you don't have to be
playing with diff to find out if the original sgml file changed and where.
* You don't need to keep several copies of the sgml files (usually you have
to keep a copy of the file you are translating and an up-to-date copy to
be able to do a diff, to find out the changes)
If you want to make any modification to my scripts, please let me know
before you do so and send me an explanation of the changes you want to
make (this is only for learning purposes, I allways like to know how to
make a better script) Of course, the scripts are under GPL, so you can do
with them allmost anything you want.
If you want to use this scripts in any other project different from the
evolution guide translation, please let me know (just to make me fell good
because people is using something I wrote ;-) )
Héctor García Álvarez <>
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