Commit b4d7da17 authored by Andre Klapper's avatar Andre Klapper 💬
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Fix incorrect English

parent f9802e3c
......@@ -2,11 +2,11 @@
type="topic" id="mail-word-wrap">
<desc>Words are wrapped in outgoing mails at 72 characters.</desc>
<desc>Words are wrapped in outgoing mail at 72 characters.</desc>
<link type="guide" xref="index#common-mail-problems" />
<revision pkgversion="3.0.2" version="0.1" date="2011-07-25" status="draft"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.0.2" version="0.2" date="2017-02-19" status="draft"/>
<credit type="author">
<name its:translate="no">Andre Klapper</name>
<email its:translate="no"></email>
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