Commit ae68fa9b authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes
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em_migrate_session_new(): Provide a user cache directory.

parent 51fe71bd
......@@ -97,9 +97,16 @@ em_migrate_session_init (EMMigrateSession *session)
static EMMigrateSession *
em_migrate_session_new (const gchar *user_data_dir)
const gchar *user_cache_dir;
/* FIXME Really need to kill this function and
* get the cache dir from EShellBackend. */
user_cache_dir = mail_session_get_cache_dir ();
return g_object_new (
"user-data-dir", user_data_dir, NULL);
"user-data-dir", user_data_dir,
"user-cache-dir", user_cache_dir, NULL);
static GtkProgressBar *progress;
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