Commit acf804b0 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

I#641 - 'Mark messages as read' as account option not working for Search Folders

Closes GNOME/evolution#641
parent 79f83564
......@@ -3420,6 +3420,39 @@ e_mail_reader_utils_get_mark_seen_setting (EMailReader *reader,
folder = e_mail_reader_ref_folder (reader);
if (CAMEL_IS_VEE_FOLDER (folder)) {
GtkWidget *message_list_widget;
message_list_widget = e_mail_reader_get_message_list (reader);
if (IS_MESSAGE_LIST (message_list_widget)) {
MessageList *message_list;
message_list = MESSAGE_LIST (message_list_widget);
if (message_list->cursor_uid) {
CamelMessageInfo *nfo;
nfo = camel_folder_get_message_info (folder, message_list->cursor_uid);
if (nfo && CAMEL_IS_VEE_MESSAGE_INFO (nfo)) {
CamelFolder *real_folder;
real_folder = camel_vee_folder_get_location (CAMEL_VEE_FOLDER (folder),
if (real_folder) {
g_object_ref (real_folder);
g_object_unref (folder);
folder = real_folder;
g_clear_object (&nfo);
if (folder) {
CamelStore *store;
CamelThreeState cts_value;
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