Commit ab69060c authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes
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EMailSession: Use e_source_camel_generate_subtype().

Use e_source_camel_generate_subtype() to register an ESourceCamelNone
class based on the newly-registered "none" CamelProvider.

e_source_camel_register_types() won't pick up the new provider if it was
already called prior to the provider being registered.  That might be a
bug... I'm not sure yet.  The Camel/ESource integration is kinda messy.
parent bd7876a0
......@@ -1764,7 +1764,7 @@ e_mail_session_class_init (EMailSessionClass *class)
camel_null_store_register_provider ();
/* Make sure ESourceCamel picks up the "none" provider. */
e_source_camel_register_types ();
e_source_camel_generate_subtype ("none", CAMEL_TYPE_SETTINGS);
static void
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