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NEWS update for 3.1.90 release.

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Evolution 3.1.90 2011-08-29
* New user documentation in Mallard format by Andre Klapper.
Bug Fixes:
Bug 362366 - Dragging selected folder to message pane duplicates
messages (Milan Crha)
Bug 650839 - Add option for alarms into calendar preferences
(Milan Crha)
Bug 651633 - Hidden task/memo sidebar always automagically re-appears
(Milan Crha)
Bug 651741 - Find in text message doesn't warn about no matching found
(Milan Crha)
Bug 652092 - 'Mark messages as read' doesn't work with search folder
(Milan Crha)
Bug 652914 - IMAP: moving mail puts a copy into real Trash too
(Milan Crha)
Bug 655254 - Cropped Junk settings text (Milan Crha)
Bug 655419 - "Save as iCalendar" misses mnemonic (Milan Crha)
Bug 655490 - Location chooser dialog for Weather calendar is too small
(Milan Crha)
Bug 655549 - [mail-to-task] Ignores cancel of source select dialog
(Milan Crha)
Bug 655551 - [mail-to-task] Pick organizer based on selected folder's
store (Milan Crha)
Bug 655629 - "Path:" label for spool file should be "File:" label
(Milan Crha)
Bug 655666 - Split task preferences into its own tab (Milan Crha)
Bug 655708 - Unreadable tooltip for Memo/Task (Milan Crha)
Bug 655942 - Shows 'Storing folder...' when deleting a local folder
(Milan Crha)
Bug 656258 - Critical runtime warning on comp-editor close (Milan Crha)
Bug 656537 - Fix mallard relaxng validation errors in help pages
(Alexandre Rostovtsev)
Bug 656620 - Account editor doesn't update on settings change
(Milan Crha)
Bug 656622 - 'Check for supported types' fails again (Milan Crha)
Bug 656718 - Runtime warning in folder_tree_get_folder_info_cb()
(Matthew Barnes)
Bug 656720 - Exclude NNTP stores from Create Folder dialog
(Matthew Barnes)
Bug 656722 - Incorrect prototype of notify:: signal callback
(Milan Crha)
Bug 656723 - Forgets 'Use secure connection' setting during account
configuration (Milan Crha)
Bug 656733 - GUI no longer allows for non-default ports for email
(Milan Crha)
Bug 656810 - Too strict checking for validity of received calendars
(Milan Crha)
Bug 657310 - Crash when editing transport-only accounts (Milan Crha)
Bug 657396 - Rename Alarms tab to Reminders in preferences (Milan Crha)
Other Changes:
* Adapt to new CamelSettings API. (Matthew Barnes)
* Adapt to new CamelSubscribable interface. (Matthew Barnes)
* Notify about all newly received messages since the last check
(Milan Crha)
* Using of uninitialized memory in
em-folder-tree-model.c:store_info_free (Milan Crha)
* Simplify em_config_target_new_account_update_settings().
(Matthew Barnes)
* Change license of Czech Help translation as per
(Andre Klapper)
* Use new CamelService:display-name property. (Matthew Barnes)
* e_mail_store_foreach(): Take an EMailSession parameter.
(Matthew Barnes)
* Do not show IM icons, a workaround till bug #473862 is fixed
(Milan Crha)
* Update EMailBrowser actions when MessageList reloads. (Matthew Barnes)
* Invalidate region by one more pixel in width and height (Milan Crha)
* plugin-mono: Remove Camel.cs and Evolution.cs (Matthew Barnes)
* Cannot add folder to previously saved Search folder (Milan Crha)
* Add translator comment for screenshot in docs (Andre Klapper)
* Very slow filling of EMSubscriptionEditor tree view (Milan Crha)
* Changing source in CompEditor blocks UI (Milan Crha)
* [mail-to-task] Uses incorrect function to free array of message
uids (Milan Crha)
* Stick Account Editor widgets at the top, like it used to before gtk3
(Milan Crha)
* Fix enum generation problems in glib-gen.mak. (Matthew Barnes)
Christian Kirbach (de)
Jorge González (es)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Fran Dieguez (gl)
Andika Triwidada (id)
OKANO Takayoshi (ja)
Kjartan Maraas (nb)
A S Alam (pa)
Yuri Myasoedov (ru)
Мирослав Николић (sr)
Daniel Nylander (sv)
Dr.T.Vasudevan (ta)
Evolution 3.1.5 2011-08-14
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