Commit 5b58fd01 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

Revert "Revert "I#617 - Font color in iframe not inherited in WebKitGTK+ 2.26""

This reverts commit 1c037402.

I accidentally reverted the initial commit.
parent ac37b310
......@@ -906,18 +906,37 @@ set_iframe_and_body_width (WebKitDOMDocument *document,
for (ii = 0; ii < length; ii++) {
gint64 tmp_local_width = local_width;
WebKitDOMDocument *iframe_document;
WebKitDOMElement *iframe_doc_elem;
WebKitDOMNode *node;
node = webkit_dom_html_collection_item (frames, ii);
if (!force_width_is_valid_element (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (node)))
iframe_document = webkit_dom_html_iframe_element_get_content_document (
if (!iframe_document)
iframe_doc_elem = webkit_dom_document_get_document_element (iframe_document);
if (iframe_doc_elem) {
WebKitDOMCSSStyleDeclaration *cssstyle;
gchar *value;
cssstyle = webkit_dom_element_get_style (iframe_doc_elem);
value = webkit_dom_css_style_declaration_get_property_value (cssstyle, "color");
if (!value || !g_ascii_strcasecmp (value, "text")) {
/* WebKitGTK+ 2.26.0 has style on <html> for 'color' set to 'text', which overrides
what the iframe has set or inherited, thus explicitly inherit it and, just in case,
also the 'background-color' property. */
webkit_dom_css_style_declaration_set_property (cssstyle, "color", "inherit", "", NULL);
webkit_dom_css_style_declaration_set_property (cssstyle, "background-color", "inherit", "", NULL);
g_clear_object (&cssstyle);
g_free (value);
if (!force_width_is_valid_element (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (node)))
if (level == 0) {
gchar *style = NULL;
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