Commit 17ea6835 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes
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itip_send_comp: Obtain the default timezone from the ECalClient.

parent a659ca9e
......@@ -1678,12 +1678,11 @@ itip_send_comp (ESourceRegistry *registry,
shell = e_shell_get_default ();
shell_settings = e_shell_get_shell_settings (shell);
default_zone = e_shell_settings_get_pointer (
shell_settings, "cal-timezone");
use_24_hour_format = e_shell_settings_get_boolean (
shell_settings, "cal-use-24-hour-format");
default_zone = e_cal_client_get_default_timezone (cal_client);
/* check whether backend could handle auto-saving requests/updates */
if (method != E_CAL_COMPONENT_METHOD_PUBLISH && e_cal_client_check_save_schedules (cal_client))
return TRUE;
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