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<link type="guide" xref="index#common-other-problems" />
<revision pkgversion="3.5.3" version="0.5" date="2012-06-09" status="final"/>
<revision pkgversion="3.22.5" version="0.6" date="2017-02-19" status="final"/>
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<title>Data storage locations</title>
<note style="tip">
<p>This is only interesting for advanced users who want to debug problems.</p>
<p>This is only relevant for advanced users who want to debug problems.</p>
<p><app>Evolution</app> 3.6 and later stores its data according to the <link href="">XDG Base Directory Specification</link>. By default this means:</p>
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<title>Disposable data caches</title>
<title>Configuration settings in GSettings</title>
<note style="warning"><p>This location also includes settings of other applications. To output only Evolution related data on the screen, the <link href=""><app>Dconf</app></link> commands <cmd>dconf dump /org/gnome/evolution/</cmd> and <cmd>dconf dump /org/gnome/evolution-data-server/</cmd> can be used.</p></note>
<title>Disposable data caches</title>
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