Commit 0c751ff6 authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes
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ECellText: Simplify fetching vertical-spacing style property.

Call gtk_widget_style_get().  No need to get GtkStyle involved.
parent 1533c155
......@@ -673,7 +673,6 @@ show_pango_rectangle (CellEdit *edit,
static gint
get_vertical_spacing (GtkWidget *canvas)
GtkStyle *style;
GtkWidget *widget;
gint vspacing = 0;
......@@ -681,11 +680,8 @@ get_vertical_spacing (GtkWidget *canvas)
/* The parent should be either an ETable or ETree. */
widget = gtk_widget_get_parent (canvas);
style = gtk_widget_get_style (widget);
gtk_style_get (
style, G_OBJECT_TYPE (widget),
"vertical-spacing", &vspacing, NULL);
gtk_widget_style_get (widget, "vertical-spacing", &vspacing, NULL);
return vspacing;
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