Commit 0341ec5c authored by Matthew Barnes's avatar Matthew Barnes Committed by Rodrigo Moya
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em-utils.c: Simplify guess_account_from_folder().

parent 390555c6
......@@ -2218,21 +2218,13 @@ em_utils_url_unescape_amp (const gchar *url)
static EAccount *
guess_account_from_folder (CamelFolder *folder)
CamelService *service;
CamelStore *parent_store;
EAccount *account;
CamelURL *url;
gchar *source_url;
parent_store = camel_folder_get_parent_store (folder);
service = CAMEL_SERVICE (parent_store);
CamelStore *store;
const gchar *uid;
url = camel_service_get_camel_url (service);
source_url = camel_url_to_string (url, CAMEL_URL_HIDE_ALL);
account = e_get_account_by_source_url (source_url);
g_free (source_url);
store = camel_folder_get_parent_store (folder);
uid = camel_service_get_uid (CAMEL_SERVICE (store));
return account;
return e_get_account_by_uid (uid);
static EAccount *
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