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    app: handle GEGL WARNING and CRITICAL with the new debugging GUI. · 5d200c2c
    Jehan authored
    It is not always very useful since GEGL makes heavy use of threads, and
    therefore a backtrace of the main thread for an error on another thread
    is mostly useless. But that's a start. I am still improving.
    I was holding on non-GIMP messages until now because we don't have as
    much control on them, and for some errors, they may be huge. For
    instance, the bug told by Massimo in bug 792787, comment 22, generates
    hundreds of thousands (and even millions for big enough polygons) of
    errors. But I can now allow these to pass since previous commit when I
    now only display a few errors, and then redirect remaining errors to
    Also get rid of gimp_third_party_message_log_func() and instead make
    gimp_message_log_func() handle correcly non-GIMP messages by keeping
    their domain.
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