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    app: make the backtrace GUI actually work on Win32. · 4e5a5dbb
    Jehan authored
    It was previously untested, hence as expected needed fixes. First I add
    our own exception handler using Win32 API SetUnhandledExceptionFilter().
    Second, I reorder things so that ExcHndlInit() is run after this setter,
    since they will be executed as a FILO and we need backtraces to be
    generated before our separate GUI runs. Last I run the backtrace GUI as
    async. No need to keep the main GIMP waiting since the traces have
    already been generated into a separate file.
    Also replace gtk_show_uri() by the implementation taken straight from
    our web-browser plug-in, since apparently gtk_show_uri() doesn't work in
    Windows (and probably not macOS either since I see we have a separate
    implementation for this platform as well). I would like to be able to
    use the PDB but can't because this code needs to be usable both within
    the main process and into a separate tool process. Ideally, this should
    just be a utils function which could be included without a problem.
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