Commit 0433aa8b authored by Abanoub Ghadban's avatar Abanoub Ghadban
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properties-window: don't focus on name field when open

When the properties window is opened, the name field get the focus automaticaly.
The user can accedentily change the file name, so let's prevent the name field from
being automaticaly selected.

Fixes GNOME/nautilus#1805
parent 34a9d36f
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......@@ -2642,12 +2642,6 @@ setup_basic_page (NautilusPropertiesWindow *self)
g_signal_connect_object (self->name_field, "activate",
G_CALLBACK (name_field_activate), self, 0);
/* Start with name field selected, if it's an entry. */
if (GTK_IS_ENTRY (gtk_stack_get_visible_child (self->name_stack)))
gtk_widget_grab_focus (GTK_WIDGET (self->name_field));
if (should_show_file_type (self))
gtk_widget_show (self->type_title_label);
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