1. 29 Apr, 2014 4 commits
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  7. 26 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Jasper St. Pierre's avatar
      Remove any possibility for zaphod mode · d7519f4e
      Jasper St. Pierre authored
      We previously separated out MetaDisplay and MetaScreen. mutter
      would only manage one screen, but we still kept a list of screens
      for simplicity.
      With Wayland support, we no longer care about the ability to
      manage more than one screen at a time. Remove this by killing
      the list of screens, in favor of having just one MetaScreen
      in MetaDisplay.
      We also kill off active_screen at the same time, since it's
      not necessary anymore.
      A future cleanup should merge MetaDisplay and MetaScreen. To avoid
      breaking API, we should probably keep MetaScreen around as a dummy
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  14. 25 Feb, 2014 2 commits
    • Giovanni Campagna's avatar
      MetaWindowX11: fix listening for shape events · 26cf75d5
      Giovanni Campagna authored
      This code was lost when support for input shapes was originally
    • Giovanni Campagna's avatar
      Fix input and bounding shapes · 9f5087e9
      Giovanni Campagna authored
      For decorated windows, we don't want to apply any input
      shape, because the frame is always rectangular and eats
      all the input.
      The real check is in meta-window-actor, where we consider
      if we need to apply the bounding shape and the input shape
      (or the intersection of the two) to the surface-actor,
      but as an optimization we avoid querying the server in
      Additionally, for undecorated windows, the "has input shape"
      check is wrong if the window has a bounding shape but not an
      input shape.
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    • Jasper St. Pierre's avatar
      Start moving X11-specific code to window-x11.c · f7097e6f
      Jasper St. Pierre authored
      The goal here is to make MetaWindow represent a toplevel, managed window,
      regardless of if it's X11 or Wayland, and build an abstraction layer up.
      Right now, most of the X11 code is in core/ and the wayland code in wayland/,
      but in the future, I want to move a lot of the X11 code to a new toplevel, x11/.