Commit f807207b authored by Giovanni Campagna's avatar Giovanni Campagna
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window: expose meta_window_is_client_decorated() in the API

parent 30b54aae
......@@ -688,8 +688,6 @@ void meta_window_activate_full (MetaWindow *window,
MetaClientType source_indication,
MetaWorkspace *workspace);
gboolean meta_window_is_client_decorated (MetaWindow *window);
void meta_window_update_monitor (MetaWindow *window,
gboolean user_op);
......@@ -256,6 +256,7 @@ gboolean meta_window_is_always_on_all_workspaces (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_is_above (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_allows_move (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_allows_resize (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_is_client_decorated (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_titlebar_is_onscreen (MetaWindow *window);
void meta_window_shove_titlebar_onscreen (MetaWindow *window);
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