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2.13.13 release

2006-01-10  Elijah Newren  <>

	* NEWS:	2.13.13 release
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2006-01-10 Elijah Newren <>
* NEWS: 2.13.13 release
2006-01-10 Elijah Newren <>
* src/bell.c:
Thanks to Jens Granseuer, Björn Lindqvist, and Elijah Newren for
improvements in this release.
- Remove C99 style variable initiailization (Jens) [#322622]
- Fix a logic error (Björn) [#322149]
- Plug a few leaks (Elijah) [#309178]
- Allow edge resistance at both sides of a window and also when edges
don't overlap but are a single pixel away from doing so (Elijah)
[part of #321905]
- Remove the timeout resistance at screen/xinerama edges (Elijah)
[part of #321905]
- Revert to the old edge resistance behavior for keyboard
movement/resizing based resistance (Elijah) [part of #321905]
- Remove the "pull-away" edge resistance (Elijah) [part of #321905]
- Avoid crashing when visual bell is in use and focus window is
closed (Elijah) [#322031]
- Be more strict about what is considered a valid region with partial
struts (Elijah) [#322070]
- Fix reduced resources resize handling for windows with sizing or
resizing constraints (Elijah) [#325774]
- Fix window outline for minimized windows when using alt-esc
(Elijah) [#325092]
- Make the taskbar less flash happy and fix up some related stacking
issues (Elijah) [#326035]
- More thorough handling of source indication (Elijah) [part of #326041]
- Don't "steal" focus from terminal windows for new window mappings
as the difference in usage between terminals and other apps seems
to suggest this difference in treatment. See bug #326159 for
details, feedback welcome (Elijah) [#326159]
- Add a raise on click option, basically only because all the major
distros are patching it in anyway (though each and every one of
them has bugs in their implementations). (Elijah) [#326156]
Kjartan Maraas (nb), Kjartan Maraas (no)
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