Commit d8eb47e2 authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre
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window: Make meta_window_located_on_workspace() public

We have some code in gnome-shell that does the equivalent of:

    window.get_workspace() == workspace || window.is_on_all_workspaces();

which is a bit unwieldy. We already have a method in mutter,
so use that and document it.
parent e28a36af
......@@ -595,9 +595,6 @@ void meta_window_handle_mouse_grab_op_event (MetaWindow *window,
GList* meta_window_get_workspaces (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_located_on_workspace (MetaWindow *window,
MetaWorkspace *workspace);
void meta_window_get_work_area_current_monitor (MetaWindow *window,
MetaRectangle *area);
void meta_window_get_work_area_for_monitor (MetaWindow *window,
......@@ -2109,6 +2109,14 @@ set_net_wm_state (MetaWindow *window)
* meta_window_located_on_workspace:
* @window: a #MetaWindow
* @workspace: a #MetaWorkspace
* Returns whether @window is displayed on @workspace, or whether it
* will be displayed on all workspaces.
meta_window_located_on_workspace (MetaWindow *window,
MetaWorkspace *workspace)
......@@ -85,6 +85,8 @@ Atom meta_window_get_window_type_atom (MetaWindow *window);
MetaWorkspace *meta_window_get_workspace (MetaWindow *window);
int meta_window_get_monitor (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_is_on_all_workspaces (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_located_on_workspace (MetaWindow *window,
MetaWorkspace *workspace);
gboolean meta_window_is_hidden (MetaWindow *window);
void meta_window_activate (MetaWindow *window,guint32 current_time);
void meta_window_activate_with_workspace (MetaWindow *window,
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