Commit c39129b6 authored by Rui Matos's avatar Rui Matos
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tiling: for tiled maximization use the tile area as target size/position

When using more than one monitor, tiled maximization can be triggered with the
pointer in one monitor while most of the window area remains in another. This
means that the maximization constraint would maximize the window into the wrong
monitor as it uses the work area size/position as target.

Fix this by using the current tile area as target size/position.
parent bf175e72
......@@ -805,8 +805,14 @@ constrain_maximization (MetaWindow *window,
return TRUE;
/* Calculate target_size = maximized size of (window + frame) */
if (window->maximized_horizontally && window->maximized_vertically)
target_size = info->work_area_monitor;
meta_window_get_current_tile_area (window, &target_size);
else if (META_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED (window))
target_size = info->work_area_monitor;
/* Amount of maximization possible in a single direction depends
......@@ -425,6 +425,8 @@ struct _MetaWindowClass
(w)->tile_mode == META_TILE_LEFT)
(w)->tile_mode == META_TILE_RIGHT)
(w)->tile_mode == META_TILE_MAXIMIZED)
#define META_WINDOW_ALLOWS_MOVE(w) ((w)->has_move_func && !(w)->fullscreen)
#define META_WINDOW_ALLOWS_RESIZE_EXCEPT_HINTS(w) ((w)->has_resize_func && !META_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED (w) && !META_WINDOW_TILED_SIDE_BY_SIDE(w) && !(w)->fullscreen && !(w)->shaded)
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