Commit baeb9fbc authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner
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window: Make meta_window_can_tile_side_by_side() public

In order to support keybindings for window tiling, we need to
determine whether a window is tilable or not, so make this public.
parent c3d76aea
......@@ -653,5 +653,6 @@ void meta_window_propagate_focus_appearance (MetaWindow *window,
gboolean focused);
gboolean meta_window_should_attach_to_parent (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_can_tile_side_by_side (MetaWindow *window);
......@@ -3603,7 +3603,7 @@ meta_window_can_tile_maximized (MetaWindow *window)
return window->has_maximize_func;
static gboolean
meta_window_can_tile_side_by_side (MetaWindow *window)
const MetaMonitorInfo *monitor;
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