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2.10.1 release

2005-04-11  Elijah Newren  <>

	* NEWS:	2.10.1 release
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2005-04-11 Elijah Newren <>
* NEWS: 2.10.1 release
2005-04-05 Dan Winship <>
* src/metacity-dialog.c (warn_about_no_sm_support): Make sure the
......@@ -11,7 +15,7 @@
* Added "rw" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2005-03-17 Lex Hider <>
2005-03-17 Lex Hider <>
* doc/ (EXTRA_DIST): add doc/code-overview.txt and
This is a stable release to coincide with the release of Gnome 2.10.0.
Thanks to Dan Winship and Lex Hider for fixes in this release.
- Make sure the "Close" button has the focus in the
buggy-session-management-applications-warning dialog instead of the
table (Dan) [#172703]
- add doc/code-overview.txt and doc/how-to-get-focus-right.txt to the
distributed files (Lex) [#170519]
Adam Weinberger (en_CA), Christopher Orr (en_GB), Elnaz Sarbar (fa),
Gabor Kelemen (hu), Jyotsna Shrestha (ne), Steve Murphy (rw),
Baris Cicek (tr), Canonical Ltd (xh)
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