Commit 7b0930f7 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho Committed by Jasper St. Pierre
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frame: Only select for ButtonPress/Release/Motion/Crossing

Touch events are largely ignored on GdkEvent emulation, so only
make frames receive pointer events, only the pointer emulating
touch will be reported, and any other further touches will be
ignored, which is about the behavior we want. This makes window
dragging possible again on touch.
parent 0919b37c
......@@ -109,6 +109,19 @@ meta_window_ensure_frame (MetaWindow *window)
XChangeWindowAttributes (window->display->xdisplay,
frame->xwindow, CWEventMask, &attrs);
unsigned char mask_bits[XIMaskLen (XI_LASTEVENT)] = { 0 };
XIEventMask mask = { XIAllMasterDevices, sizeof (mask_bits), mask_bits };
XISetMask (mask.mask, XI_ButtonPress);
XISetMask (mask.mask, XI_ButtonRelease);
XISetMask (mask.mask, XI_Motion);
XISetMask (mask.mask, XI_Enter);
XISetMask (mask.mask, XI_Leave);
XISelectEvents (window->display->xdisplay, frame->xwindow, &mask, 1);
meta_display_register_x_window (window->display, &frame->xwindow, window);
meta_error_trap_push (window->display);
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