Commit 59fa74fe authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre
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data-device: Don't look up the same client twice in two different ways

parent 581335fb
......@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@ drag_grab_focus (MetaWaylandPointerGrab *grab,
MetaWaylandDragGrab *drag_grab = (MetaWaylandDragGrab*) grab;
MetaWaylandSeat *seat = drag_grab->seat;
struct wl_client *client;
struct wl_resource *resource, *offer = NULL;
struct wl_display *display;
guint32 serial;
......@@ -221,13 +222,13 @@ drag_grab_focus (MetaWaylandPointerGrab *grab,
wl_resource_get_client (surface->resource) != drag_grab->drag_client)
resource =
wl_resource_find_for_client (&seat->data_device_resource_list,
wl_resource_get_client (surface->resource));
client = wl_resource_get_client (surface->resource);
resource = wl_resource_find_for_client (&seat->data_device_resource_list, client);
if (!resource)
display = wl_client_get_display (wl_resource_get_client (resource));
display = wl_client_get_display (client);
serial = wl_display_next_serial (display);
if (drag_grab->drag_data_source)
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