Commit 461aea47 authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre

window: Adjust the frame rect when _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS is set on map

parent d87093fe
......@@ -350,7 +350,8 @@ gtk_border_equal (GtkBorder *a,
static void
meta_window_set_custom_frame_extents (MetaWindow *window,
GtkBorder *extents)
GtkBorder *extents,
gboolean is_initial)
if (extents)
......@@ -359,6 +360,17 @@ meta_window_set_custom_frame_extents (MetaWindow *window,
window->has_custom_frame_extents = TRUE;
window->custom_frame_extents = *extents;
/* If we're setting the frame extents on map, then this is telling
* us to adjust our understanding of the frame rect to match what
* GTK+ thinks it is. Future changes to the frame extents should
* trigger a resize and send a ConfigureRequest to the application.
if (is_initial)
meta_window_client_rect_to_frame_rect (window, &window->rect, &window->rect);
meta_window_client_rect_to_frame_rect (window, &window->unconstrained_rect, &window->unconstrained_rect);
......@@ -391,12 +403,12 @@ reload_gtk_frame_extents (MetaWindow *window,
extents.right = (int)value->v.cardinal_list.cardinals[1]; = (int)value->v.cardinal_list.cardinals[2];
extents.bottom = (int)value->v.cardinal_list.cardinals[3];
meta_window_set_custom_frame_extents (window, &extents);
meta_window_set_custom_frame_extents (window, &extents, initial);
meta_window_set_custom_frame_extents (window, NULL);
meta_window_set_custom_frame_extents (window, NULL, initial);
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