Commit 40c25dc4 authored by Tomas Frydrych's avatar Tomas Frydrych
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Exposed meta_window_get_startup_id ()

parent f3a8b2f1
......@@ -583,9 +583,8 @@ void meta_window_update_layer (MetaWindow *window);
gboolean meta_window_get_icon_geometry (MetaWindow *window,
MetaRectangle *rect);
const char* meta_window_get_startup_id (MetaWindow *window);
void meta_window_recalc_features (MetaWindow *window);
void meta_window_recalc_window_type (MetaWindow *window);
void meta_window_stack_just_below (MetaWindow *window,
......@@ -67,5 +67,6 @@ const char * meta_window_get_description (MetaWindow *window);
/* Return whether the window would be showing if we were on its workspace */
gboolean meta_window_showing_on_its_workspace (MetaWindow *window);
const char* meta_window_get_startup_id (MetaWindow *window);
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