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    Merge of all the changes on the constraints_experiments branch. This is · a7201d27
    Elijah Newren authored
    2005-11-18  Elijah Newren  <newren@gmail.com>
    	Merge of all the changes on the constraints_experiments branch.
    	This is just a summary, to get the full ChangeLog of those
    	changes (approx. 2000 lines):
    	  cvs -q -z3 update -Pd -r constraints_experiments
    	  cvs -q -z3 diff -pu -r CONSTRAINTS_EXPERIMENTS_BRANCHPOINT ChangeLog
    	Bugs fixed:
    	  unfiled - constraints.c is overly complicated[1]
    	  unfiled - constraints.c is not robust when all constraints
    	            cannot simultaneously be met (constraints need to be
    	  unfiled - keep-titlebar-onscreen constraint is decoration
    	            unaware (since get_outermost_onscreen_positions()
    	            forgets to include decorations)
    	  unfiled - keyboard snap-moving and snap-resizing snap to hidden
    	   109553 - gravity w/ simultaneous move & resize doesn't work
    	   113601 - maximize vertical and horizontal should toggle and be
    	   122196 - windows show up under vertical panels
    	   122670 - jerky/random resizing of window via keyboard[2]
    	   124582 - keyboard and mouse snap-resizing and snap-moving
    	            erroneously moves the window multidimensionally
    	   136307 - don't allow apps to resize themselves off the screen
    	            (*cough* filechooser *cough*)
    	   142016, 143784 - windows should not span multiple xineramas
    	            unless placed there by the user
    	   143145 - clamp new windows to screensize and force them
    	            onscreen, if they'll fit
    	   144126 - Handle pathological strut lists sanely[3]
    	   149867 - fixed aspect ratio windows are difficult to resize[4]
    	   152898 - make screen edges consistent; allow easy slamming of
    	            windows into the left, right, and bottom edges of the
    	            screen too.
    	   154706 - bouncing weirdness at screen edge with keyboard moving
    	            or resizing
    	   156699 - avoid struts when placing windows, if possible (nasty
    	            a11y blocker)
    	   302456 - dragging offscreen too restrictive
    	   304857 - wireframe moving off the top of the screen is misleading
    	   308521 - make uni-directional resizing easier with
    	            alt-middle-drag and prevent the occasional super
    	            annoying resize-the-wrong-side(s) behavior
    	   312007 - snap-resize moves windows with a minimum size
    	   312104 - resizing the top of a window can cause the bottom to
    	   319351 - don't instantly snap on mouse-move-snapping, remove
    	            braindeadedness of having order of releasing shift and
    	            releasing button press matter so much
    	   [1] fixed in my opinion, anyway.
    	   [2] Actually, it's not totally fixed--it's just annoying
    	       instead of almost completely unusable.  Matthias had a
    	       suggestion that may fix the remainder of the problems (see
    	   [3] This bug was originally about not-quite-so-pathological
    	       cases but was left open for the worse cases. The code from
    	       the branch handles the remainder of the cases mentioned in
    	       this bug.
    	   [4] Actually, although it's far better there's still some minor
    	       issues left: a slight drift that's only noticeable after
    	       lots of resizing, and potential problems with partially
    	       onscreen constraints due to not clearing any
    	       fixed_directions flags (aspect ratio windows get resized in
    	       both directions and thus aren't fixed in one of them)
    	New feature:
    	    81704 - edge resistance for user move and resize operations;
    	            in particular 3 different kinds of resistance are
                 	 Pixel-Distance: window movement is resisted when it
    	     	   aligns with an edge unless the movement is greater than
    	     	   a threshold number of pixels
                 	 Timeout: window movement past an edge is prevented until
    	     	   a certain amount of time has elapsed during the
    	     	   operation since the first request to move it past that
                 	 Keyboard-Buildup: when moving or resizing with the
    	     	   keyboard, once a window is aligned with a certain edge
    	     	   it cannot move past until the correct direction has
    	     	   been pressed enough times (e.g. 2 or 3 times)
    	Major changes:
    	  - constraints.c has been rewritten; very few lines of code from
    	    the old version remain.  There is a comment near the top of
    	    the function explaining the basics of how the new framework
    	    works.  A more detailed explanation can be found in
    	  - edge-resistance.[ch] are new files implementing edge-resistance.
    	  - boxes.[ch] are new files containing low-level error-prone
    	    functions used heavily in constraints.c and edge-resistance.c,
    	    among various places throughout the code.  testboxes.c
    	    contains a thorough testsuite for the boxes.[ch] functions
    	    compiled into a program, testboxes.
    	  - meta_window_move_resize_internal() *must* be told the gravity
    	    of the associated operation (if it's just a move operation,
    	    the gravity will be ignored, but for resize and move+resize
    	    the correct value is needed)
    	  - the craziness of different values that
    	    meta_window_move_resize_internal() accepts has been documented
    	    in a large comment at the beginning of the function.  It may
    	    be possible to clean this up some, but until then things will
    	    remain as they were before--caller beware.
    	  - screen and xinerama usable areas (i.e. places not covered by
    	    e.g. panels) are cached in the workspace now, as are the
    	    screen and xinerama edges.  These get updated with the
    	    workarea in src/workspace.c:ensure_work_areas_validated()
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