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    Add support for _NET_WM_USER_TIME_WINDOW in order to cut down on context · 6e007baa
    Elijah Newren authored
    2007-03-30  Elijah Newren  <newren gmail com>
    	Add support for _NET_WM_USER_TIME_WINDOW in order to cut down on
    	context switches.
    	* src/display.c (meta_display_open):
    	* src/display.h (struct _MetaDisplay):
    	* src/screen.c (set_supported_hint):
    	new atom
    	* src/display.c (meta_display_open,
    	* src/display.h (struct _MetaDisplay):
    	create a dedicated timestamp pinging window instead of reusing
    	* src/display.c (event_callback):
    	* src/window-props.c (reload_net_wm_user_time_window):
    	* src/window.c (meta_window_new_with_attrs, meta_window_free,
    	* src/window.h (struct _MetaWindow):
    	monitor property notify events on _NET_WM_USER_TIME_WINDOW windows too
    	* src/window-props.[ch]:
    	new meta_window_reload_propert(y|ies)_from_xwindow() functions
    	* src/window-props.[ch]
    	  (init_net_wm_user_time_window, reload_net_wm_user_time_window,
    	* src/window.c (meta_window_new_with_attrs):
    	new hooks to handle new atom
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