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    Add support for _NET_WM_USER_TIME · 28a54c6b
    Elijah Newren authored
    2004-06-17  Elijah Newren  <newren@math.utah.edu>
    	Add support for _NET_WM_USER_TIME
    	* src/display.c:
    	(meta_display_open): Add _NET_WM_USER_TIME to atom_names[],
    	(event_callback): Manually set _NET_WM_USER_TIME upon KeyPress
    	(doesn't work since keyboard isn't grabbed) and ButtonPress (does
    	work), this is just a fallback for applications that don't update
    	this themselves.
    	* src/display.h: (struct _MetaDisplay): Add atom_net_wm_user_time field
    	* src/screen.c: (meta_screen_apply_startup_properties): Check for
    	TIMESTAMP provided from startup sequence as well.
    	* src/stack.c:
    	(meta_window_set_stack_position): New function which calls the
    	meta_window_set_stack_position_no_sync function followed immediately
    	by calling meta_stack_sync_to_server.
    	* src/window-props.c:
    	(init_net_wm_user_time), (reload_net_wm_user_time): new functions,
    	(reload_wm_hints): also load atom_net_wm_user_time
    	* src/window.c:
    	new XSERVER_TIME_IS_LATER macro (accounts for timestamp wraparound),
    	(meta_window_new_with_attrs): add timestamp attributes,
    	(window_takes_focus_on_map): use TIMESTAMP from startup
    	notification and _NET_WM_USER_TIME to decide whether to focus new
    	(meta_window_show): if app doesn't take focus on map, place it
    	just below the focused window in the stack
    	(process_property_notify): check for changes to _NET_WM_USRE_TIME,
    	(meta_window_stack_just_below): new function
    	* src/window.h:
    	(_MetaWindow struct): new fields for initial_timestamp,
    	initial_timestamp_set, net_wm_user_time_set, and net_wm_user_time,
    	(meta_window_stack_just_below): new function
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