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    Bug 305564 again. · 14b8de37
    Ray Strode authored
    2005-05-30  Ray Strode  <rstrode@redhat.com>
    	Bug 305564 again.
    	When drawing XOR resize popup use "fixed" font instead of
    	-misc-fixed-*-16-* xlfd.  Should work on more xservers.
    	Also take steps to fail better if the xserver isn't
    	* src/effects.c (draw_xor_rect): if we can't draw font box
    	for whatever reason, at least draw grid frames.
    	* src/screen.c (meta_screen_new): use fixed alias instead
    	of a xfld.  Don't pass GCFont to XCreateGC if font couldn't
    	be loaded.  Print a warning if font couldn't be loaded.
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