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      theme: Replace gnome-shell-sass submodule with subtree · 3fe45e29
      Florian Müllner authored
      As the style has grown bigger and more complex, generating the different
      variants from a common source has been a good decision. However given how
      intertwined the theme is with gnome-shell itself, relying on a submodule
      has proven to be quite painful. And as things stand right now, it is going
      to get worse:
       - using either pre-generated CSS or generating it at build time is
         odd, and violates meson's strict separation between source- and
         build directories; we are therefore considering dropping the CSS
         and depending on sassc to always generate it at build time
       - with the migration to gitlab, our workflow shifts decisively towards
         branches; however there is no support in either git or gitlab for
         handling two brances of separate repositories consecutively, which
         gets particularly awkward for branches in a private namespace
      With those pain points in mind, we will adjust our setup as follows:
       - remove the submodule from gnome-shell and instead import the
         sass as subtree
       - after that, the sass sources can be changed like any other files
         in the repository, and regular contributors can forget that there
         was ever anything special about them
       - whenever we want to update the classic style, we can push the subtree
         changes and bump gnome-shell-extension's sass submodule
      In other words: Updating the classic styling will become slightly more
      painful, but not much and only for me; in return, everyone else can
      stop fiddling with submodules (and buy me a beer).
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