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Version 1.49.1

- Closed bugs:

  * test GObject Class failure [#693676, Stef Walter]
  * Enable incremental GCs [#724797, Giovanni Campagna]
  * Don't silently accept extra arguments to C functions [#680215, Jasper
    St. Pierre, Philip Chimento]
  * Special case GValues in signals and properties [#688128, Giovanni Campagna,
    Philip Chimento]
  * [cairo] Instantiate wrappers properly [#614413, Philip Chimento,
    Johan Dahlin]
  * Warn if we're importing an unversioned namespace [#689654, Colin Walters,
    Philip Chimento]

- Fixes in preparation for SpiderMonkey 45 [Philip Chimento]
- Misc fixes [Philip Chimento, Chun-wei Fan, Dan Winship]