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      move over to using 'dconf compile' and file-db · feb6ddaf
      Allison Karlitskaya authored
      Instead of installing keyfiles in /etc and running 'dconf update' to
      generate the database in place (or requiring package system triggers to
      do so for us), just build the database in-tree using the new 'dconf
      compile' command.  We can install that in our pkgdatadir.
      dconf now also looks in XDG_DATA_DIRS in addition to /etc when finding
      profiles, so install ours there too.
      This makes gdm /etc-clean with respect to dconf.
      If users want to make additional customisations to the gdm login session
      then they should create their own dconf database in /etc/dconf and then
      replace the 'gdm' profile with one that references their new db (by way
      of /etc/dconf/profile/gdm, which is searched first).