Commit a62084c4 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode

Merge branch 'wip/nielsdg/remove-other-headers' into 'master' remove libgen.h check.

See merge request GNOME/gdm!15
parents 54cac354 9140e0ca
......@@ -568,12 +568,6 @@ AC_CHECK_HEADER(login_cap.h, [
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/sockio.h, [
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SYS_SOCKIO_H, 1, [Define if we have sys/sockio.h])])
# Check for libgen.h
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(libgen.h, [
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_LIBGEN_H, 1, [Define if we have libgen.h])])
dnl ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
dnl - Check for POSIX version of getpwnam_r
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