• A bunch of us Gnome developers have formed an ad-hoc group of developers trying to bring HDR functionality to Linux and Gnome, which is a pretty huge task spanning the whole stack from hardware (monitors and gpus) to the kernel and its drivers up to graphics applications, requiring support from Wayland, gnome-shell, GTK and GStreamer. We hope to have the first results of this work available for the next Gnome release.

    I'm basically trying to raise awareness of the topic and give an update on the ongoing work as far as it will have progressed once GUADEC happens. For that, I expect the talk to be split into 3 sections:

    1. An explanation of what this is all about As many people - users as well as developers - aren't aware of the new color features and what they are supposed to do, I want to give an introduction and explain the terminology, so that. I expect this to be the largest section.

    2. Showing the work of the group This should explain what has already happened, and what work is expected to land in Gnome 43. I also want to give an outlook about what work is still missing and what we expect to do in the future.

    3. Show some new APIs developers can use This is the part I'm most unsure about because it depends on the work happening in the next months. A lot of new interesting code might appear aimed at application developers and then I want to tell about it, but it might also be that that doesn't happen and then I can omit this part and spend more time on the other 2 sections.

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